Ewa Rybska


E W A    R Y B S K A
born in 1958. Lives in Slupsk, Poland. Education: College of Art and Design, Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland. Coorganiser of the International Performance Art Festivals „Castle of Imagination” in Bytow, Ustka, Slupsk, Sopot, Gdansk, Poland, 1993 - 2001. The main interest on a multi-media visual art.
Also active in the initiation / administration of international artist lead projects, such as exchange exhibitions, performance festivals and seminary, and arranging exhibitions / visits for international artists to Poland. Since 1994 curator at the Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Slupsk, Poland.
In 1997 started with performance art as an artist together with Wladyslaw Kazmierczak.  Performances in Slovakia, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Belarus, Ireland, Slovenia, Mexico, Indonesia, Canada and Poland.

@ : ewa_rybska@poczta.onet.pl