Call for Performances
for the First Latinamerican
Performance Art Meeting
Perfo  Puerto  01

March 11-19, Chile.

"Perfo Puerto 01", is a week-long performance art event at the port of
Valparaiso, Chile, with satellite events in Santiago.
The event includes conferences, video screenings of performance
documentation, round tables and a vast array of performances from
artists including:

Lorena Wolffer(Mexico), Grupo Fosa(Argentina), Sandra Ceballos(Cuba),
Maricruz Peñaloza(Switzerland), Angel Pastor(Spain), Alexander Del Re
(Chile) and many more.

As part of the event, "Perfo Puerto 01" will feature also some open
sections, "Abierto", "Satelite" and "Video Show", for latinamerican
artists or artists of latin descent living everywhere. If you're not of
latin descent, you can collaborate with one, or you can get involved in
any kind of relationship with some latin american and develop a
collaboration, etc. Find your own way. Come on, play our game!
Spanish language is the official language of the event.
The specific Calls are as follows:
1. "Abierto": a call for "real" performances to be presented live in
March 15-16 at Ex-Carcel of Valparaiso, Chile. All travel expenses must
be paid by the artists themselves, though accomodations are to be
arranged by the organizers.
2. "Satelite": a call for "virtual" performances to be presented in
March 12-13 in Santiago, or March 15-16 in Valparaiso. The idea of
"virtual" is as open as what is on your mind: the performance can take
place in the internet( you performing in front of a webcam, by using
e-mails, live chat, etc.), the performance can be a project for a random

person as performer, etc. Be as creative as you wish.
3. "Video Show": a call for videos of performance art to be screened
throughout the event. The videos can be performance documentations,
performance for the camera, unedited video performances, all other
variations are valid if they're refered to performance art. Maximum
running time 15 minutes. VHS only in NTSC format.

Application form and Checklist of materials:

1. Artist or Collective Name
2. Mail Address
3. Country of origin(if different of country of residence)
4. E-mail address
5. Name of Performance work
6. Call type("Abierto"/ "Satelite"/ "Video Show"), include detailed
performance data when applying for "Video Show"
7. Running time(video) or estimated duration of performance(maximum
duration: 30 minutes)
8. Performance description (for video include some notes on the actual
9. Technical requirements
10. Preferred Performance site(indoors/outdoors, public space, etc.)

Checklist of materials:

1. Artist resume (one page A4 maximum)
2. Artist statement
3. A performance picture from a previous work(photography: maximum A4
size, or an attached jpg image at 72dpi, 640 x 480 pixels, maximum size:

300 kb)
4. Detailed Performance project; or notes about the performance in the
5. Video tape of previous works cued for 5 minutes maximum; or the video

tape for public screening.

When applying for "Satelite", all materials could be sent as e-mail

No materials could be returned. All videos and images will be part of
"Perfo Puerto" open collection, and will be included in its website
catalog, available soon.
The videos will be open for request of Latin american institutions at no

cost, for educational purposes only.

Deadline: January 31st
All materials must be sent to:
Performa Producciones
Padre Mariano 192, dep.61, Providencia
Santiago, Chile

For more information, email: