4th International Performance Art Festival

18-19-20 May 2006

H.P.M. Art Director: Nicola Frangione

Via Ortigara 17, 20052 Monza  italy




During the last 30 years Action Art has found fertile fields of confluence between  the  experimentation about vision and gesture and poetic- visual sound dramaturgy. A large space of this research has been characterized by the connection of Performance Art with the arguments connected to the poetics of the “total poetry” and by the development of the performance technologies in a technological key. In reality this kind of artistic research appears at the beginning of the 20th century and it goes through the whole century. Both in a practical way and  theoretically, the succession of artistic events based on the use of the body as a dynamic entity, with a strong aesthetic tension and a great impact on the viewer, has deeply influenced different fields of experimentation beyond the institutional categories of show and artistic genres disciplines. Nowadays Action Art and Performance go around the world overcoming geographical and linguistic bounds, they put into practise the contamination and fusion of languages, artistic technologies, genres, existential dimension and ways of life. As Giovanni Fontana writes: “ with “interdisciplinarity” the figure of the versatile artist -(the “polyartist”)-takes shape, a person who can  play his cards right between poetry and cinema, theatre and music, dance and visual arts”. In the last decades, thanks to the conviction that the contemporaneous use of different medias and interdisciplinary exercise represents a central point in contemporaneous artistic languages, you can attend the transformation in Action of all the arts. For a reality that has by now become part of the history of art, we thought it would be right to carry out in the City of  Monza an ART ACTION “4°International Performance Art Festival - Harta Performing Monza” as a moment of comparison of the new arts as a reference point and cultural exchange.

Harta Performing Monza




Giovedi 18 May   ore 21-24


Ruggero Maggi (Italia),  Adina Bar-On (Israele)

Giorgio Fabbris (Italia),  Dan McKereghan (USA)


Venerdi 19 May  ore 21-24


Nieves Correa (Spagna),  Artur Tajber (Polonia)

Hervé Brunaux (Francia),  Bartolomé Ferrando (Spagna)

Demosthenes Agrafiotis  (Grecia)


Sabato 20 May  ore 21-24


Roddy Hunter (UK),  Luisa Sax (Italia),

Richard Piegza (Francia-Polonia),  Richard Martel  (Canada)

Elvira Santamaria  (Mexico)