January 28 - February 26
NYC, New York


#1 -  For Georgette Cummins, my high school drama teacher
#2 -  somewhere in between for Alastair MacLennan
#3 -  Out of This World for John Coltrane
#4 -  Why Housewives Can't Measure for John Boehme
#5 -  unearthed for Andre Stitt
#6 -  8 reflections for Marc Dale
#7 -  416 pick-up for my grandmother
#8 -  The Lower 8 for Dr. Mark Jan Rowe
#9 -  echoes of a far-off land for Transylvania, once again
#10 - Poppa's got 8 brand new bags for Richard Foreman
#11 - 720 degrees for Irma Optomist
#12 - 8 canes for Anatoli Ur - whipping boy
#13 - Sibling Rivalry for Nancy, Kate, Anne, Sue, Pete and Liz - 8 would definitely have been too much.
#14 -  8 minutes of fame on 42 Street for Andy Warhol - Who on earth do you think you are? A superstar? -Well,           alright you are! (J. Lennon)
#15 -  behind the 8 ball for Gustavo Sola - The Mountain comes to Mohammed  (may he rest in peace)
#16 -  Section 8 for Jamie McMurry - fire in the hole
#17 -  80 for Kazuo Ohno -  I'm getting there.
#18 -  8 links for my wife -  chain of love
#19 - The Transient Nature of Reality for my parents
#20 -  Paint the Town . . . for Julie Atlas Muz
#21 - Fingering the Keys for Wladislaw Kazmierczak - One door opens . . .
#22 - Aces and Eights for Jerry Garcia Dead Presidents sing the U.S. Blues  (Louder & Longer)
#23 - Stop (In the Name of Art) for Chris Burden RED OCTAGON
#24 - Nyolc kalapot for Uto Gustav
#25 - Crazy 8's for Anita Durst, Artistic Director of chashama. A Home for Wayward Artists
#26 - 8 brushes for Harry Paine
#27 - The Hardest Thing to Find in New York for GAM, Milo, Mark Gordon, Neale Harper, Christaan Koop,            Matthew Nowakowski, Debra O'Brien and Amy Shapiro
#28 - tieing it up for the Artist The Gordian knot*
#29 - Double Helix for Hermes. It's in my jeans
#30 - The Ultimate 8 for the people of the City of New York no beginning, no end

My name is Dan McKereghan. From January 28 until February 26, I will be in the window of 135 W 42 St., NYC, performing 8 hours a day. The performances will be Mondays through Fridays 9am till 5pm and Saturdays and Sundays 11am till 7pm. The performances will explore the meaning and significance of the number and symbol "8". Each performance will be different.  I would like to express my profound gratitude to chashama for making this space available to me. The support of Anita Durst and Julie Atlas Muz has made this project possible.









Gordian knot


In Greek legend, the Gordian knot was the name given to an intricate knot used by Gordius to secure his oxcart. Gordius, who was a poor peasant, arrived with his wife in a public square of Phrygia in an oxcart. An oracle had informed the populace that their future king would come riding in a wagon. Seeing Gordius, the people made him king. In gratitude, Gordius dedicated his oxcart to Zeus, tying it up with a peculiar knot. An oracle foretold that he who untied the knot would rule all of Asia. According to a later legend, Alexander the Great cut the knot with his sword. From that time, "cutting the Gordian knot" came to mean solving a difficult problem.